28 October, 2008

Howies: A company DOing good

There are lots of "ethical green" companies out there but I think howies stands out. And not just because of its clothes, though they are well made, look good and last well.

No, what has recently impressed me is the founders' efforts to start a series of lectures: the DO lectures. The first conference took place down in Cardigan Bay early this September, and brought together many interesting speakers on a variety of topics from Alistair Macintosh, author of Soil and Soul, to Trevor Bayliss, inventor of the wind-up radio, to Ken Yeang, green architect, to Tamsin Omond, co-founder of Plane Stupid.

All the talks are now available online and this morning I got an email from howies requesting that I help them go viral. Well rather than email a friend, I thought I'd blog about it. There is lots here to see and think about. Here is the first talk I've watched: Andrew Whitley on the problems with modern bread, a subject which many of you know is close to my heart.

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mountainear said...

Wish I were about and hour and a half nearer Cardigan bay....sounds a fantastic initiative.