08 November, 2008

Sick chicken

I haven't updated you all on the status of the sick chicken. Perhaps some of you have been worrying. Perhaps not. Anyway fear not. The evening of Tuesday or as it shall be known, dead chicken day, my friend Suzanne rang to recommend giving the sick one some very weak lemsip and possibly some marmite. I may have been sceptical if not actually disparaging but what do I know. She has lots of chicken experience and I as yet have almost none. So picture me with a ramekin of v. weak blackcurrant flavoured lemsip, a teaspoon and an initially sceptical chicken in the nesting box. Lo and behold, five minutes later she'd perked up enough to emerge and have some food and water. Jack (cousin and doctor) says that'll be the ephedrine which is like speed. Still it worked. And the next day she felt a bit better - I didn't dose her again though. And now she's perky as anything and larking about with the others.

Meanwhile I've been offered to Rhode Island Reds for rehoming who may arrive next week. Suzanne recommends putting them in at night when they're all too dopey/knackered to bother each other and by the morning they will hopefully have all adjusted to the newcomers. I'll let you know how it goes.

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