16 November, 2008

An uneasy truce

The new chickens spent an interesting day defending their new patch much to the bemusement of the old-time residents. Sam and Ella are rather more forceful and nervous than the others (do you think we should name them?) who can't really work out what the fuss is about. For example, when I go near S and E, they scarper even trying to escape through a stock fence - they aren't slim enough and they soon worked out that this wasn't a good idea. The others just potter about and often let me pick them up. I was a bit worried about bedtime. It was starting to look as if S and E wouldn't let the others back into the run, but after I "persuaded" them to go in and shut the run up behind them, they did all put themselves to bed. The house itself sounded a bit livelier than usual but hopefully the newcomers will settle down. I guess it must come as a shock to be evicted from a cosy one-bedroom pad, and put into a dorm with five other females you don't know.

Three eggs today, all Black Rock I think, so S and E also let the others back in to lay.


GardenGirl said...

Who would have known that chickens could be so funny...
Can we have some pictures, please?

Nicki said...

hey - being put into a hen house with 5 other single females reminds me of a recurring prison fantasy I used to have when younger - but this is a family blog!