20 February, 2009

Children and food

Why is that children will eat something when someone else cooks it but turn their noses up at home? We've been away a few days now and so far E and C have slurped bowls full of my mother's soup, eaten through several large grilled mackeral and consumed a large mixed meze platter. I live in hope that I can broaden our menu at home but I'm prepared for the "I only like when X cooks it" moment.

Meanwhile, Charlotte continues to use English in weird and wonderful ways. The latest gem was "I was starving for a wee". Very expressive!

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Buddhist in Training said...

Tell me about it!! I'm constantly complaining that my youngest is so fussy and hardly eats anything only to be told by my sister that she always eats well at her house! I love the starving for a wee too, bless!