24 February, 2009

Hit and run gardening

We installed poultry netting over all my veg beds back in late January, and the good news is that the chickens can't get in. Except that is when I am trying to plant. My garlic planting went a bit awry as I tried to fend off some enthusiastic assistance from Gladys, and the rest of them weren't far behind. They were queuing to get in. Not the most relaxing time I've had in the garden. I almost climbed onto the bed to get away from the eager birds. But at least I have got the garlic and shallots in. And I've finally put out my potatoes to chit - Charlotte, Desiree and Pentland Crown. Not as many as last year but the ground is in a better state so I'm hoping for more from each plant.

UPDATE: Gladys is still trying to find a way back into the shallot/garlic bed. That chicken is really stubborn.

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