16 February, 2009

I couldn't say no

I received a plaintive request from my cousin on Saturday night. He is currently without a kitchen, surviving on microwaveable food cooked in the sitting room. The builders are in the kitchen. If you're a cook, and Jack certainly is, then this is a terrible hardship. I once lived briefly like this when I was also without a kitchen and it was hell. I really cannot fathom people who habitually live on microwaved ready meals. Call me a foodie snob. Fine. All true. But really day after day of that stuff is a miserable way to eat.

So naturally when I receive a desperate call from my poor cousin asking to come over and cook us Sunday lunch, how could I refuse? Which is how I came to have a delicious steak with roasted parsnips, broccoli, yorkshire pud washed down with red wine and followed by cheese and fruit salad. All out of my own kitchen and I think I may have helped lay the table. Any time Jack. Really. Any time at all.


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I love the idea of needing to keep cooking to keep feeling ok! I suspect I might be the same!

Buddhist in Training said...

Fantastic, would he like a trip further north this weekend?