04 February, 2009

No school yesterday

My high school was rather proud of the fact that it never closed. Not even during my mock O levels when the heating broke down and the temperature outside was -10 and we were stuck in the gym getting chilblains. Life has changed somewhat since the 70s and 80s so yesterday the girls had a day off and I went sledging for the first time in 30 years. Fortunately we have a motte in the field next to our garden so didn't have to go far at all. And it gave me the perfect opportunity for a history lesson explaining the defensible properties of the Norman castle system. Also known as a snowball fight with me at the top of the hill.

Isn't snow fun! Even the chickens (not including the Marans) got out and about after a while.

And when I think about it, it's probably the first real snow the girls have experienced. I mean the human girls. There hasn't been a lot in London (as the news people keep telling us) and when there was it was usually gone by lunchtime. So it was their first snowman, their first snowball fight and their first sledging trip. When I think about all the snow I grew up with in Northumberland back in the 70s, I feel rather sorry for them.

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Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Great photos. I think snow is pretty wonderful really, at least it looks fabulous and children love it! Glad to think that these last couple of days will have given some great memories.