13 February, 2009

Photo - 4-4-4

I've just been tagged by Soilman to show you the 4th photo from my 4th photo folder (and then tag 4 more people), which in my case contains scanned in pictures from my childhood (I'm keeper of the family archive so it goes back decades if not centuries).

So here it is. This is a small polaroid which must have been taken by another parent as we never had a polaroid camera. They seemed like magic when they came out, didn't they? It's a birthday party and I'm pretty sure it's one of mine as the others in the picture are mostly from my school year. I'm also pretty sure it'll be one of the parties I shared with Kristina Home, a best friend then, whose birthday was three days before mine. I'm guessing it's November 1973. It was taken in our sitting room at Lancaster Park, Morpeth and you can see the horribly 70s rush matting on the floor. Actually we were the only people I knew with that kind of flooring - the hippies of the estate who played guitars and listened to jazz and had beards (well my father did).

Left to right (and we're really testing my memory here) at the back, we have Nicola Brown, me, Samantha Baker, Claire Harrison and my sister, Sisi (posing as always!). Front l-r, Alison Sinton, Kristina, Joanna Brown and Lesley I-can't-remember-her-surname.

Now, this picture has such poignancy. We lost touch with Claire as she went to high school in a different town, but I think she died in a motorcycle accident in her late teens. My sister died just over a year ago. I had lost touch with everyone in the picture until this summer when I saw Nicola and Joanna again when they came to the celebration party we held in memory of Sisi. It was a very emotional meeting, and wonderful to see them again. So I shall take the liberty of adding another picture to this post. Here I am, August this year, with Nicola and Joanna as they are today.

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