13 March, 2009

First shoots

It's that time of year when you're not sure if the window sills covered in pots of bare earth are a sign of the bounteous summer to come or of utter barrenness and dead seeds. But no, after much impatience on my part, something which will probably never change, I noticed these (cue really really bad pictures):

Tomatoes are emerging and so is the sweet marjoram. Still no sign of the aubergines, peppers or basil but I shall maintain an appearance of calm. When they say talking to plants helps, does this include berating seeds for slowness?

1 comment:

Don said...

How exciting! I am gathering all my seeds together and planning on where I will plant things. I am going to start my tomatoes indoors in about three weeks. I am looking forward to seeing how your garden grows! You have such a green thumb!