06 May, 2009

I LOVE my polytunnel

It is all looking lovely in there. Well, it is since I weeded it for the last couple of days. The mangetout are growing well and the second sowing have emerged. Lettuce are taking shape and we ate some rocket in our salad yesterday. I even have coriander growing in there which I've never managed to get past the "cress state" before now. And lastly, today I planted a line of 16 tomatoes which look happy and healthy for now.

So far the slugs, snails and mice have been much less of a problem though something definitely ate the tiny basil seedlings I planted out a week ago. The lettuce in particular look obscenely healthy. And early. I'm sure we weren't eating salad this early last year. In fact I'm positive as I checked back on last year's blog and it was June before anything substantial was eaten.

Anyway, below are some pictures.

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