18 May, 2009

Wet day at the Smallholders Show

You know it's wet when even the ducks have umbrellas. Yesterday we headed up to Builth Wells for the Royal Welsh Smallholders' Show. Last year this was our first experience of agricultural shows now we live in Wales. This year we have chickens so feel a bit more part of the scene as it were. And we wore our wellies which was a good idea as it was wet. Very wet. Which meant the outside events were uncertain and the inside stalls were packed.

I particularly liked the green section which was much bigger this time with lots of displays for solar/wind/eco energy companies and of wool suppliers (including Woolly Shepherd whose blog I read).

We bought honey, Drunken Dragon Cheese from Cothi Valley Goats which is one of the best cheeses I know, some mutton (currently stewing in the oven for supper) from the Elan Valley Mutton and several copies of the Smallholder magazine. Well I can dream, can't I?

And after that, we stopped in at Suzanne's for a cup of tea, some cake, and a viewing of the new cria. Very white and very lovely at only one day old. Fancy red satin coat too - what all the best alpaca are wearing, apparently.


mountainear said...

Thanks for the show report - we didn't go this year - we stayed at home and got wet instead.

There seems to be something for everybody - I love seeing all the different breeds of animals and I have to drag Alan away from the vintage machinery. Stationary Engines?

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

It's not satin - it's gortex filled with alpaca fleece , the ultimate in breath ability and warmth , mimicing the natural state for the smaller members of the herd !!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun - I've just been reading about the show on another blog too so there were obviously lots of bloggers there! I love Cothi Valley Goats Cheese too - they sell at our local farmers market and I have to try very hard not to buy tons of the stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was rather wet, wasn't it?!

Love the photo of the ducks