09 July, 2009

More lone ranger than free ranger

The prodigal daughter/chicken returns.

I thought I was seeing double today but no, there are two Marans again. Bossy difficult Maran also known as Sam is back, after an absence of two weeks. So not in a fox but rather probably broody and sitting on a clutch of hedge-laid and very well hidden unfertilised eggs. As she's a chicken, she isn't saying where she's been, who with or what she's been up to - rather like a teenager.


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

glad she's back but sometime in the run ( days ) will reap rewards !

Eliane said...

Well she visited. But isn't sleeping at home and I haven't seen her today. Feral is the term I think!

Garden Girl said...

Well, I guess you don't have as big a fox problem as you thought. Either that or you have one fearsome chicken - so ornery that even the foxes leave her alone!