24 November, 2009

More things I like about SF

We are, I think, finding our feet and settling into some kind of pattern of life which is inevitably governed by the girls' school routine. I walk a lot. Tom drops us all off at the school gates and after the girls are safely and sometimes happily, installed, I head back to the apartment walking along pretty back streets rather than busy and less attractive main roads. So here are some things I have seen on my walks that I like.


And then today, Tom and I went to see a tax consultant. Don't worry. I won't go into detail. It was dull but essential stuff. And confusing of course. The fun part was just before when we walked up a hill to a park. That's the thing about San Francisco. You are never far from the most amazing view. We have several from our apartment. And you can be walking along a street and suddenly round the next corner you can see to the Oakland hills, or the ocean. Or in this case, Alcatraz far below on (yet another) glorious November morning.

Wow. This city is stunning. And quirky. And right now completely fascinating.

Oh, and lastly, I love this sign. I know it doesn't mean the same as in the UK but this sign brings a smile to my face each time I see it.

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Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

told you it was a fab place