04 November, 2009

Some things I like about here

I know I've been complaining a bit lately so I don't want it to seem that I'm not enjoying things. Okay yesterday and the unsalubrious setting and the SS Office weren't enjoyable. But I suspect that much that is driving me nuts would do were I an American in London or some such equivalent. Although possibly not the ticket buying on public transport which is just plain bonkers. Anyway before I go off on another rant about the limitations of the MUNI system, here are some things I am liking.

1. The weather. Not a cloud in the sky. Really. Not a single cloud. Not a puffy white cotton ball anywhere to be seen. There were some today but that made a change from the dark and glorious blue sky we had the previous four days. I've worked out that the streets need cleaning here (you have to know when or your car gets towed) because it NEVER rains. Or not enough to rely on which in Wales is roughly once a day, sometimes once all day.
2. The people. So far everyone has been friendly and helpful. Including people you wouldn't expect to be, like security guards, bus drivers and tramps. Not that I'm casting aspersions on those three sections of the population but they are not as friendly where I come from.
3. The food. The supermarkets I've visited - and I will admit that they are the rather chi-chi end of the market - have been so full of plenty it has overwhelmed me. But much of what they have been full of is fresh food. And healthy food. If anything too healthy as it all has added vitamins, when I'd rather have plain. I just wish I wasn't so tired and overwhelmed by the other stuff that I could make the most of the cooking opportunities.
4. The recycling. Well I care about this stuff, so it is a big relief to know that so does SF to the point of collecting recyclables and food waste from your door. I know this is standard in much of the UK but it isn't here in the US so I came to the right place.
5. The views. This city is extraordinary. I knew there were hills but I didn't realise the place was peppered with knobbly hills which have been built on all over, creating precipitous roads. And you turn corners and there is all of the bay laid out before you. Stunning. I like big views. It was something I wasn't looking forward to forgoing when we left Wales and now I don't have to.
6. The MUNI. I know I criticise but at least they have one and it is pretty comprehensive in its coverage, clean and once you can get past the ticket barrier, easy to use (apart from Tom's one hour delay tonight). Still it's better than most places in the US so well done SF.

That'll do for now.

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