08 December, 2009

Dangerously close to home: Anthony's Cookies

I found a cookie shop the other day. My nose found it first as I wandered down Valencia Street between 26th and 25th. On a not particularly busy part of the street there is a rather discreet shop front and an elegant sign hanging outside, and a wonderful warm and sweet smell of baking. It wasn't open at the time - obviously getting ready for the day ahead. Yesterday it was open and as I had two small girls who were getting peckish, I took them there on the way home from the library. The inside is almost austere in design but they sell cookies in smart boxes and lovely flavours - we had semi-sweet chocolate chip and toffee chip. The shop is staffed by lots of charming young men in black t-shirts, one of whom became the first American to exclaim about my lovely accent. Anthony's Cookies is going down on my map of places to take the girls when they need rewarding or perhaps bribing.

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bopper pye said...


your blog has such a nice fresh perspective on life here in sf. i'm glad you found a place to live and a school you like.