17 December, 2009

Different week, different mood

It's amazing how much better I feel this week. Last week was not a good week. I'm sure I had plenty of reasons for feeling a bit homesick, but the main one was hormones or hormoans as they should be known round here. So by Friday evening I had definitely had enough - how could I tell? Well I ended up a sobbing heap because I just couldn't face talking to the Chinese takeaway to order our food. Deeply pathetic, I know.

Things have rather picked up this week. We had a good weekend buying and decorating the tree, seeing friends and going to a party at a rather fabulous house which had some very smart chickens in the back garden - one was a Silkie, pure white with a crest and bloomers. So even having the car window smashed in on Monday morning couldn't dislodge my newly positive mood. As it's not our car - we have yet to buy a car - we didn't have to sort it out and now we're onto our 4th car.

Since then I've done some Christmas shopping at a gorgeous but quite pricey art store (Flax), I've ordered the goose and a ham from the butchers, and I'm now on the hunt for Christmas pudding and mincemeat. I think the latter will be easier to find but I have at least one lead on the pudding front. For a few moments I wondered whether we should adopt another pudding - a local speciality or something. But then I thought Christmas isn't Christmas without that flambeed steamed fruit pudding.

Most noteworthy event of the week though is my new haircut. Yesterday I spent a long and lovely time being pampered and given a thoroughly chic and elegant hair cut with an accompanying chic and elegant price tag. Worth every penny. I have exchanged hippy green chicken owning veg growing long hair for a sharp and urban bob. I just have to get Tom to take an adequate picture to update the profile and my internet transformation will also be complete.


just Gai said...

With all that you've been through over the past few months I'm not surprised you finally reached breaking point. Not pathetic, just human. Anyway I'm glad you're feeling better this week.

Re hormones, my youngest once made me laugh when she came downstairs one day and announced that she was 'hormonic'. We've adopted the term ever since.

Garden Girl said...

Yes, yes! Haircut picture please, for the new hybrid-mid-atlantic you!

And goose AND ham? So I am not the only one? My excuse is that my DH wanted ham... so I got all psyched up for it and found a fab recipe... and then he ordered a duck. So now I am having duck. But my tastebuds need ham... so ham is scheduled for a dinner party on the 29th!