02 December, 2009

On architecture

I'm not going to go all Pevsner on you. But I have been wandering around this city and it is all rather lovely. Simon Winchester in his brilliant (so far - I'm up to chapter 3) book on the 1906 earthquake describes the city of San Francisco as "a confection of untoward and only half-urban-looking delicacy". (BTW the book is called A Crack in the Edge of the World.)

A confection indeed - there is something whimsical about San Franciscan houses, if not fairytale. Almost every building has a touch of individuality, a splash of colour, a moulding or stained glass window.

Whole streets are in varying shades of ice cream with the odd bolder colour thrown in. Styles vary enormously though in my area, there is a fondness for the Victorian (style not era mostly I think) with ornate windows and mouldings picked out in lots of colour. I took most of these pictures while out earlier this week on a walk down through Noe Valley.

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