10 January, 2010

This weekend: art appreciation

We've had another full and interesting weekend exploring San Francisco. Yesterday, we went on a walk around the Mission district which I think is my favourite part of town. It is quirky and interesting and diverse and funky. You never quite know what you'll find around the corner. Tom who works south of SF down the peninsula doesn't get to explore the city as much as the girls and I, so our walk down Valencia, across to Mission and along 24th towards Bryant and beyond was partly to show him around one of our local neighbourhoods. The Mission is known for its murals which are everywhere and I had found a beautiful small playground of murals and sculptures, some reminiscent of Gaudi's Parc Guell in Barcelona, that I wanted to share with him and the girls. And now I'm sharing it with you.

After that we went to the free gallery that is Balmy Alley, running a block between 24th and 25th just west of Harrison. One mural after another on houses and garages and walls. Many political, all individual, interesting and accomplished.

Today, we paid to see art at the SF Museum of Modern Art. Many galleries were closed as they are currently installing several new shows, but we saw enough to realize that this is a major museum with an excellent collection. Some beautiful Picassos, Matisses, Klees and Pollacks plus some later conceptual pieces that led to unsatisfactory conversations with my youngest ("What's that?" "I don't know." "But why is that boot there?" "I don't know but don't touch" "But why" "Shall we go and look at that picture of flowers?").

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bopper pye said...

hi eliane

i just checked in on your blog and saw our little water park--miles and i actually painted some of the tiles for the new mosaic you saw being installed. if you are interested in mural precita eyes mural center has classes and volunteer opportunities for all ages. hope things are going well for you. jamie