07 February, 2010

Adding a bit of quirk

I am not a quirky person. You know what I mean. I don't do hats unless to keep my head warm. I don't do cute shoes with bows, or jewelry, or buttons and bibbons, or accessories of any kind, or knick-knacks. It's partly because I like functional stuff. Beautiful but functional please. And partly because it makes me uncomfortable. I don't even wear a wedding ring because I am rubbish at jewelry. Well, that and the whole ownership, public declaration stuff. But mostly because I'm rubbish at jewelry. I'm not saying I'm a minimalist. I'm too untidy for that, and I have children. But I am generally not drawn to the purely decorative.

However. I am now in the capital of quirky. The houses are deeply deeply quirky and people seem to take great pride and joy in making them more so. This is from a house in Bernal Heights. And below from one further down the street.

And it's catching. Plus I find that as I brought nothing personal with me, I feel as if I'm living in an Ikea show home. I need to personalise my space with more than just cooking pans. So this week I have bought stuff. I know. After all that decluttering and ridding my life of stuff, I have added some. I have taken to haunting the Salvation Army thrift store round the corner where so far I have found a couple of pretty plates, a big green glass jug, a basket, a vase. I have also bought some Mexican paper decorations to cover the glass doors to our bedroom - privacy on the cheap.

And most unlike me, some huge paper flowers for the sitting room. All from a very lovely shop called Casa Bonampak.

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