16 February, 2010

Who needs a car?

I love Zipcars.

We took our first one out for the day on Sunday. It is so very easy. I booked a hatchback online - website is also very very simple to use. I popped round the corner a couple of blocks from my house and found it in a car park. Your card opens the car during your booked hours. There's a pad on the windscreen on which you lay your card and it unlocks the car. Then you get in and drive off. If you need to buy petrol then there's a card to pay for it in the pocket of the sun visor. You only start paying for fuel once you've driven over 180 miles. The insurance costs are included in your membership fee. So total cost for the day for our car was just over $80.


So what did we do. Well we shopped at Trader Joe's - the less upmarket Whole Foods - for the first time. We then headed off to a garden centre so I am now the proud owner of a lemon tree, some geraniums, lavender, a blueberry bush and I've planted some lettuce and oregano. 

And then we headed off to the beach. The day was glorious and it seemed like the whole of San Francisco had headed down there. 


Garden Girl said...

Wow... look at those girls RUN! And wearing shorts on the beach in February! I can only dream...
My littlest spent the day at the beach 2 days ago, and while it was sunny it was a wellies and jumpers occasion. We are talking about the North Sea, so an entirely different experience. I'll try not to be jealous!

Eliane said...

I grew up in Northumberland so I know exactly what you mean about the North Sea - in fact I think it's jumpers and wellies most of the time there. Still the beaches are lovely.

Don said...

we just got another six inches of snow last night! Maybe I'll wear my shorts out to water the chickens just to spite Mother Nature! Looks like fun for everyone at the beach. I love Trader Joe's!