09 June, 2010

The best worsted shop in town

Wool. Yarn. Hanks. Skeins. I have found a beautiful wool shop not far from my home. I love yarn. In fact I think I love hanks of yarn unwound and unknitted more than any garment you can make. I still remember a display of hand-dyed yarn hanging outside a shop in Roussillon in Provence which I walked past as a teenager on holiday. Purples and reds and blues against the red red stone of the walls.

In Imagiknit you see this.

I could spend all day there just looking. Somehow buying a tiny fraction to take home and make into something is always a little disappointing afterwards. Rather like visiting a stationery shop - that gorgeous blank notebook won't turn you into Charlotte Bronte or Ted Hughes. And that hank of yarn looks so much lovelier hanging there amongst the others than it will as a pair of socks.

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