07 April, 2011

Road Trip: NV - UT - AZ - NV Day 4

26th March 2011

Wet. Not wet enough to spoil the day but wet enough to cramp our style.

First things first. We unhooked ourselves and drove off to the dump station. Dumping - think of "taking a dump" and you'll be close. Grey and "black" water. It's not a sophisticated process. But it was our first time so we were a mixture of cautious and incompetent. Thankfully not so incompetent as to need a change of clothes.

Then onwards up the canyon which narrows quickly. We wanted to visit the Emerald Pools. By the time we'd parked at Zion Lodge, it was really raining. You couldn't see the tops of the cliffs and it looked like it was snowing up at that level.

We walked along a well-made path to the first pool, slightly up hill, and tucked up a small valley. There were waterfalls and huge rocks and one small pool, not emerald but very pretty.

It was wet and we were wet, and cold. 

So we headed back and had a good lunch at the lodge before taking our home back to the campsite and spending an afternoon, playing Crazy 8s, Uno and Gin Rummy. Emilia took to Gin like a duck to water and declared it was her favourite card game because it required thinking.

By the evening, it was clearing and more snow had fallen on the cliffs. Tonight is our last night in Zion. I feel we've only got a taste but it has been lovely. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be good enough for a decent goodbye drive through part of the canyon, and then the tunnel. We're off to Kanab via the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Sounds magical.

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