10 April, 2011

Road Trip: NV - UT - AZ - NV Day 7

29th March 2011

A quiet less spectacular day. We did some laundry at the Lake Powell campground which is currently almost deserted. I cannot imagine what this place is like full - it is huge and would probably be unbearable. Empty and you don't really know it's there.

At 11ish or is that 10ish, or whatever, we set off down Highway 89 towards the Cameron Trading Post. We crossed the Glen Canyon Dam and drove up over a plateau before going through a pass and finding we were thousands of feet above the plain.

On the right were the Vermillion Cliffs and the Paria Plateau. On the left the Kaibab Plateau. And in front, the Colorado river snaking its way through a canyon carved through the ground.

We drove down and bore left, south at the bottom of a ridge of rough red and pink and grey cliffs. This is the Navajo Nation. Every few miles there were stands selling arts and crafts and a few mall and not at all luxurious houses behind.

Then the landscape became almost lunar with even less vegetation and grey rounded rock hillocks. We arrived at our stop for the night - the Cameron Trading Post. This has been here over 100 years and is a small settlement including a restaurant, motel, post office and an RV park. Possibly the least fancy as all bodily functions are now taking place on board. But we have electricity and water. Tomorrow before we leave I plan to shop. It's touristy true, but the large shop also holds some treasures - lovely jewellery, gorgeous handmade rugs and I may even get a hat - no cowboy boots but I reckon I can get away with the hat in the garden on on the beach. I wish I could afford some of the jewellery - it is stunning silver and turquoise work but most has an equally stunning price which is fair enough as it's gorgeous and handmade but sadly way out of my price range. (It's okay, I'm not a big jewellery wearer. Sniff!)

This afternoon was spent watching other RV drivers. A large family parking and reparking and reparking their huge towed RV. A man fiddling with the position of his satellite dish for over an hour. The girls gave us a running commentary. "Mama, he's still there." "Mama, there's another child. That makes six!" And I taught E. Canfield Solitaire while Tom played catch with L. As I said, a quiet day, before tomorrow's drive to the Grand Canyon.


Lee said...

Oh, that scenery is sooooooo stunning!

I just love the desert, and the silence of it -when you can't hear the RVs, that is!

Isaac said...

Love both these photos. Superb!