29 November, 2011


It is my birthday and a few days after Thanksgiving so here's some things I'm grateful for:

A trans-Pacific phone call from my friend Sam who I've known since I was Lottie's age and who I haven't spoken to in far too long but who I can pick up with like it was yesterday no matter how long between calls.

A card - hurray for post - from my friends Nicki and Karen in Canada, looking forward to our visit next year.

Birthday messages from old friends and new, from America and Wales and London and Thailand and Germany, from people I see every day (with added hugs) to people I haven't seen in years.

An email telling me about my cousins' geese, Fox and Werrity, who are being fattened for a family Christmas in the Black Mountains. I am already imagining the wonderful meal Jack will cook, and feeling very envious!

This card from my mother - no, I don't know what she's trying to tell me either! Love my mother.

And most of all, I am grateful for Tom and Millie and Lottie. There are no words expansive enough to describe how much I love them.


Anne C said...

What a lovely post! And so glad you had a happy birthday. What does "bouzy" mean?

Wishing you continued joy in your birthday season! It is blowing like crazy up here today, lots of leaves swirling around. Maybe that's what Bouzy means...


Eliane said...

Bouzy is a place in the Champagne area of France. Boozy - well that's obvious! And I love that you can buy Champagne labelled Bouzy. At least the woman was glamourous! My mother thinks I'm a glamourous drunk - or something.

Nicki said...

Hey Ellie - you are pretty glamorous when you are drunk...I have the photos to prove it! We are soo looking forward to having you all here next summer!