11 December, 2011

The long way home

Our time in San Francisco is coming to a close. Well not quite, but the end is fast approaching.

Regular readers of the blog will know that we always planned this to be a temporary move and we are in the undoubtedly fortunate position of being able to choose where we want to make our home. And so next summer we will be heading back to the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains and Crickhowell. We do love San Francisco and we have had/are having a wonderful time but - well, we love our families, and we love Britain and it's home.

So that's next summer. The big news is that we will be leaving SF a little earlier than that. We have decided to take a slightly longer route home than the flight from SFO to LHR. We will be hitching up our wagon (okay, loading up a still to be bought car) with all our worldly goods (well the ones we need/want for the journey) and heading north and then east, across the United States. For four and a half months. We want to see much more of this wonderful country and try living in a few other places for short times to get a feel for other cities.  Tom will be working - a broadband connection is what he needs - and connecting up with other Hadoop people en route. The girls will be home schooled by me for a while. And I will be blogging and taking pictures.

Meanwhile, we still have Christmas, a trip to Point Reyes in January, a big PTA fundraiser to help organize and the flat to empty. Gulp.


Alison said...

My family did a similar trip, driving from Ohio to California the summer I turned six. I have only fuzzy memories of most of it, but Dad took tons of photos, which I still enjoy leafing through. Yours sounds like the experience of a lifetime. I look forward to your photos and impressions as you travel.

just Gai said...

Wow. What a lot of things to look forward to. I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on.