14 May, 2012

More random thoughts on the road trip

  • I really miss good bread. We haven't had a decent loaf since we left San Francisco. After two years of Acme, Arizmendi's and the utterly sublime loaves of Josey the Baker at Mission Pie, Trader Joe's basic doesn't cut it and I could not find anything else in Portland or Seattle. I'm sure it's there but corner stores selling great bread as a matter of course weren't. And now I've headed inland. Looks amazing. Rubbish bread. 
  • Huge generalization based on three encounters but... the men of Wyoming don't like California. 
    • Man serving in shop at Old Faithful on hearing that we had been living in San Francisco: I'm sorry. Me: What do you mean? San Francisco is a wonderful city. Him: Oh well, but it's California.... Me: [Inside head: WTF!?] Ah, but we're European so it suited us very well.
    • Man selling tickets at museum in Cody: I'm so glad you're travelling through. Most people from Europe just visit the coasts and they haven't got anything worth a damn. Us: Well there's Yosemite and Lassen. Him: Well, I'll give you North California, but Southern California hasn't got anything. 
    • Man serving in a shop in Gardiner: I lived in California for six years and I'm so glad I came back. Me: Oh where were you? We were in San Francisco and we loved it there. Him: Oh, I was in the yucky part. 
  • If I had a superpower, it would be the power to vaporize all advertising hoardings and signs on poles on sight. Here we are driving through the most spectacular landscape and then this appears: 

You can tell a town is coming up several miles ahead because the freeway is littered with this visual rubbish. We went over one hill, saw an amazing view and there at the bottom was a lovely clump of green trees, out of which a tall pole emerged with the bloody golden arches of McDonalds. And the poles get taller and taller. I should think the left hand one in this picture is a hazard for air traffic. 

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