08 August, 2012

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I LOVE the Met. It's like the British Museum, Tate, V & A and National Gallery rolled into one. In a gorgeous building which goes on and on and keeps giving you new treasures.

I love the Met so much I joined as an Associate member and went three times.

A sampling of the treasures we loved:

All things Egyptian especially William the blue hippo (Lottie) and the truly amazing models of Egyptian life from a tomb and the statues of Hatshepsut and the temple.

The Rembrandts. And the Hals portraits. And a magnificent Brueghal. And the portrait of Lavoisier and his wife.

The Spanish courtyard which seems almost secret hidden down corridors and suddenly found.

The room of Singer Sargents - can he paint me please? him or Gainsborough or possibly Modigliani. And another of room of Paul Klee. And another of Cezannes (more wonderful apples amongst other things.)

Incredible Benin brasses. Sadly by the time we found this collection my kids were dead on their feet and starting to grumble. So merely glimpsed but loved.

The Schiaparelli/Prada special exhibition which was packed with older ladies who lunch poring over the detailing. The girls and I had a great hour doing impossible window shopping.

Pollocks and Warhols and Twomblys (Twomblies?) and an Anselm Kiefer as striking as the one that made an impression on me in Des Moines.

I could go on. The Museum does. It is amazing and wonderful and probably my favourite museum in the world. Even Lottie loved it (because of William).

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