02 January, 2014

Two cooks

Today I spent cooking mostly. Soup for lunch. Then a batch of bread (leaven is only on day two so it was made with dried yeast). Then a variety of curries for a vegetarian supper with the in-laws. And Millie made a mincemeat lattice tart.

It's been a growing pleasure this past year to watch and cook with Millie who at eleven has taken to the kitchen with gusto. Today she tackled flaky pastry. I have to stop myself being bossy and I have to let myself let her make mistakes. Mostly though it's just lovely watching my tall slim girl work out what needs doing and how from recipes, and seeing the pleasure she gets when it works out. She regularly cooks us dinner these days - so much more accomplished than I was at eleven! She has started her own cooking blog Millie Cooks - please do visit.

1 comment:

just Gai said...

Your girls are accomplished bloggers. I remember their posts on your American road trip.

It's good to know that not all children are addicted to fast food. You've done a good job with them!