18 September, 2006


I'm sure this enthusiasm to blog will wane soon. I think I'm probably off-loading all the things I've been thinking about saying before I bothered to start this thing - so six months' worth of food thoughts to come.

Starting with:

Bread. 3-4 loaves worth of dough is rising downstairs in the kitchen as I type. Wholemeal, organic flour from F.W.P. Matthews which I buy online in bulk.

I think most of the bread produced commercially these days is criminally poor in quality. Stuffed full of rubbish to make it rise further so you pay for more air and less flour. For a good discussion of what is wrong with the modern baking methods and what passes for bread in your local supermarket read Not on the Label by Felicity Lawrence.

There are good small bakeries locally (ours is the Spence in Stoke Newington Church Street) but understandably you have to pay for the quality. So I bake my own in my inherited bread bowl which is huge and can do four loaves at a time saving on baking energy and time. And for those of you who say baking is too time consuming, the actual effort involved is small but you do have to be here. Ideal for those who work from home or in my case look after the kids. If you can't bake your own get a bread making machine. But stop putting that sliced rubbish inside yourselves. Bread is simple healthy good food and should not be full of strange additives which are there to make it cheaper and easier to produce not better for you to eat.

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