18 September, 2006

Not quite a total food desert

Once a week, on Saturday mornings, the Stoke Newington Organic Farmers' Market takes place. I go for the meat from Chris and Iain Learmonth from Stocks Farm in Essex. Lovely chickens, pork, sausages, bacon and lamb all fresh and ready to cook or freeze. Yesterday's lunch was pot roasted shoulder of lamb. The meat is more expensive than the local butchers but it's a different quality entirely. I agree with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall - eat better meat less often. I like to know where it has come from and I don't like meat that dissolves into a puddle of water. We have meat twice perhaps three times a week, one meal made of leftovers.

Other highlights of the market are the seasonal veg and the cheese (buffalo, goat etc.). There are fish stalls, bread stalls, eggs, Jersey milk and sometimes the most beautiful stall devoted entirely to mushrooms.

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