11 March, 2007

ACofCB Part V: Casa Moro - The Second Cookbook by Sam and Sam Clark

I just open this book and I'm back in Andalucia. I've only been once on our last holiday together before I got pregnant, so the last adventurous one. I.e. we got to stay up late, have lots of sex, drink too much and potter about not worrying about anyone small needing anything in the next two minutes. Cherish this part of your life while you have it! Not that I regret anything or not often.

Anyway we went to Seville, Ecija (because Tom wanted to say it so we bought tickets), Cordoba and Granada. The architecture is wonderful there. Seville is a fabulous city with some really really cool tapas bars. And Cordoba has one of the most beautiful buildings in the world - the former mosque the Mezquita. Memorable food, Salmorejo a tomatoish paste you dunk things in, fried aubergine slices with honey, anchovies in vinegar, churros (long donutish bits of deep fried pastry that you dunk in hot chocolate although I think for a less sweet tooth it's better in coffee).

This book is the cook-at-home version of the Moro cookbook so I guess must be easier to achieve. I don't have the other. Good things I've done so far are a leg of lamb roasted with lots of veg around it, little gem salads which you cut into quarters of eighths and dress as chunks rather than leaves, a really lovely aubergine dish (roast aubergines in skinned chunks in oven first, then fry briefly with softened onions, garlic, pine nuts, oregano, finally add balsamic or sweet vinegar), and a fennel, orange and potato salad. The pictures are really very moreish, the ingredients are not too hard to find (well not in Clapton where we have a large Turkish population), and the recipes are simple. A good book.

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