08 March, 2007

ACofCB Part IV: The Taste of Thailand by Vatcharin Bhumichitr

Bought in Bangkok at the end of a visit to my sister who lives in Krabi, Thailand. I haven't used this book enough. I love Thai food but don't eat it that often as for some reason it feels almost wrong to do so when I'm not in Thailand, and it isn't quite the same of course. This makes it sound like I fly over regularly but I haven't been for over 3 years - small children and long haul flights are not a good combination and nor is a 7 hour time difference.

Favourite soup Tom Ka Gai - chicken and coconut. Favourite curry Mussaman - southern with peanuts. Best restaurant in Thailand, Chao Sua in Krabi. Best meal, cooked on a beach off the Krabi coast by Ba the boatman.

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