08 March, 2007

Dinner couple of nights back

Didn't get round to blogging about this before.

I adapted Elizabeth David's French Onion Tart recipe from her French Provincial Cooking, using a finely sliced red pepper and some red onions to bulk it out. The onion version is one of my dinner standbys. You make pastry with flour (6oz), butter (3 oz), 1 egg and water if you need it. Leave it to rest in the fridge. Then slice your onions very finely and cook them covered over a slow heat in butter and a little oil to stop them sticking. This takes c. 30 minutes and you need to check them every now and again. Then take some cream (quarter of a pint or so), 3 egg yolks, nutmeg and seasoning and beat together. Add the onions. Fill your tart tin which you've lined with the pastry. Doesn't need baking blind first. Takes c. 30 minutes in a 180 degree C oven. I just used the pepper instead and it was lovely. Emilia had three helpings!

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