05 March, 2007

Kitchen storage

I passed one of those amazing kitchen shops the other day - the kind that sells smooth sleek cupboards and worktops with the odd (usually very odd) tap sticking out though no visible sink. All black and space age. No visible sign of kitchen equipment (I know it was the shop but still) and obviously no food. I do not have a kitchen like this. Sometimes I think I'd like one but I'm really bad at putting things away and also at finding things especially my cheese grater (please someone start making and selling bright pink or red cheese graters - or possibly even with one of those alarms that responds to whistling...).

So anyway, I don't have this kind of kitchen. I have a few mis-matched cupboards, and some shelves. And now I have a lovely shelf which the lovely Tom installed for me this weekend. It is a D-shaped pan shelf to hang all my stuff from. Sadly unlike this photo, mine does not currently have a ham hanging from it. If you like cooking and are similarly useless at putting things away, plus want things to hand immediately then get one. They don't stick out as much as those ones you hang in the middle of the kitchen and since in addition to being untidy, I am also tall and clumsy, I think it's best this way in order to avoid death or at the very least blindness by mouli.

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