17 November, 2007

How I plan to keep busy for the next year or so...

except it is bloody cold right now, and I'm having a real family crisis and I actually don't have the first idea where to begin.


Here is the plot. It runs down the west side of the house facing south. It really is the edge of the field and so currently has all sorts of grass, mint, nettles, sorrel and so forth growing in it. As well as large rocks and small rocks. The soil is very free draining and sandy. The total area is about 87 square metres which frankly seems enormous. The plan (hoping that the landlord doesn't mind!) is to grass over the top and add herbs, honeysuckle etc. to make a nice area to sit. The views across the valley are lovely here and it is sheltered and gets the afternoon sun. Then I want to add fruit bushes (gooseberries, blackcurrents and redcurrants as there are already raspberries elsewhere in the garden), and then dig some beds for vegetables. I am going to need lots of manure and lots of digging will have to be done this winter. Still it will be good therapy which right now I really need.

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