17 November, 2007

Small town shopping: The glory that is Webbs of Crickhowell

What a wonderful shop Webbs of Crickhowell is. It sells everything, well may be not everything but an amazing array of things you find you need when you have moved house. To whit: mop, dustpan and brush, hoe, green wellingtons (2 pairs), tea pot, good quality saute pan, wood stain, a phone cable, glue, picture hooks and a large iron bedstead and mattress. We visit regularly. Webbs people don't lurk hoping you won't ask for help, they throw themselves at you and offer help and usually find you the cheaper version they sell. And they give your children large teddy bears. And they deliver for free and put the bedstead together themselves and take all the packaging away. It's getting to the point where we are trying to think of things we still need, just so we can visit. (That probably is as sad as it sounds.)

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