12 January, 2008

Wintry lasagne - making things up as I go along

Tonight's dinner should have been last night's - the weather (how very British) intervened as I had to drive to Newport and back to collect Tom from a very delayed London train. I know we live in a relatively benign climate here on this small island but this seems to have the effect that we are completely incapable of handling anything mildly unusual. Like two inches of rain after a wet week. Cue flooded roads all over Worcestershire, closed roads all over South Wales, and complete mayhem on the railways. Although of course we often don't need the weather to help organise the last one. Fortunately Tom made it back into Wales without me having to cross the Severn bridge to get him. All a bit much after a long week, and for Emilia, a full day at school.

So last night's dinner was a not terribly good Chinese takeaway and tonight's was a squash and sweet potato lasagne which I made up and turned out like this:

It's a basic lasagne - bechamel, tomato sauce (beefed up with mashed anchovies as at this time of year tomatoes are a pretty sorry sight and I'd run out of tinned ones), and for the main filling, grated sweet potato and squash slowly cooked with garlic and onions and with some parsley thrown in at the end. It was delicious and I shall do it again and use this veg in other filled pasta dishes.

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