27 February, 2008

I must love tomatoes

Yesterday was pricking out day for the tomatoes and the result is as follows:

14 Marmande seedlings
10 Brandywine
6 Lylia Cerisette

Giving a grand total of 30 seedlings now looking like this:

And what did I do after that? Obviously I planted the rest of the Lylia Cerisette seeds as they are my only small nibbling tomato, and then a whole bunch of San Marzano because I hadn't got around to the plum variety for bottling etc. I am not thinking about growbags yet. At least not in any practical sense. More in the "oh hell, how many plants per bag, how many acres of growbags is that and I hope everyone else loves tomatoes too" sense. I suspect I may have to give some of these plants away. But then, they may all keel over and get tomato blight or fly or mould or whatever disease affects these plants.

I am not alone which is mildly though not completely comforting.

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