27 February, 2008

St David's Day

No, I do know it's not until Saturday but preparations are well underway. It is all taken very seriously here. The English don't make nearly as much fuss over St. George. Which is probably a good thing as no one seems to know very much about him except that he certainly wasn't English and that flag has slightly dodgy connotations. St David however was a Welsh bishop in the post-Roman British era, living a blameless and long life with no nasty martyrdom at the end. Reminds me of the Celtic Northumbrian saints of my childhood. Anyway the children are busy learning songs in Welsh which is lovely and probably a good way to get their heads round this unfathomable language. And today, thankfully two mothers warned me that Emilia needs fancy dress for Friday. I kid you not. I rushed into Abergavenny and bought two (well we couldn't leave Charlotte out of it) Welsh girl costumes. You know the thing - red skirt, black top, shawl, tall black hat. They had racks of them in Woolworths and mothers panic buying. Okay there were two of us, but still round here that almost constitutes panic buying.

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