14 February, 2008

My eyes are bigger than my veg patch

I have planted things at last. And realised that I don't have enough room for the multitude of things that I have purchased to grow. I think. To be honest, I have no idea as I'm not very good on the timing of things yet, or how big the plants get or how much interplanting I can do to save space. But so far I have filled one bed with garlic, shallots and 8 broad beans (not counting the 9 bean plants currently growing on my window sill). I think I am going to have to dig another bed or three ... and I just can't bear to think of the rocks and Tom is about to go abroad for 2 and a half weeks on business.

Anyway, the beds now look like this.

I'm rather proud of them. It took lots of shovelling and heaving the wheelbarrow around to fill them with my muck and topsoil. Hopefully the mice, rabbits and birds will keep away for a bit. I miss my cat. He was very useful in that regard, even if he did release mice in the house. I really miss him for lots of reasons. Damn.

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