25 March, 2008

Good days and bad days

Funny isn't it how some days nothing in the kitchen goes quite right. Easter Sunday was just such a day. The hot cross buns didn't rise properly and the crosses splurged out and you'll be glad I didn't take pictures. The lamb wasn't as good as from my local butcher and I'm not sure what I did to the red cabbage but that didn't quite work either. It's not as if any of this was complicated but some days nothing goes right and I lose all faith in my ability to cook.

Fortunately whatever was wrong on Sunday was right by Monday. Four loaves rose beautifully using the same batch of yeast. And dinner looked like this - see no shame now as it was better than okay. A leek tart with fried potatoes (leftovers) and sprouting broccoli. The tart is my old standby of Elizabeth David's French Onion Tart from her French Provincial Cookery but with leeks instead as that's what I had.

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G said...

Oh.... French Onion tart. I shall have to look that one up. I love how her recipes are written, as I have an slight issue with rules. :)