27 March, 2008


Oh dear. Back in December I bought lots and lots of seeds and stuff from the Organic Gardening Catalogue. As anyone who's been reading this will know, I clearly bought too much. But one area I felt confident about was the asparagus. I am prepared. The bed more importantly is prepared and on the terrain I choose to call a garden but in fact resembles a grassy rubble mound (and couch grass at that) this is frankly amazing.


I dug and prepared a bed just about big enough for 3 crowns. And guess what. I bought 10...

So currently homeless: too many maincrop potatoes, 2 rhubarb plants and 7 asparagus crowns. And I don't even get to eat the asparagus for 2 years - they just grow and look at me and say "ha, something you could eat now could have been here, but no, you had to grow asparagus, even though you're only renting and who knows where you'll be when I'm ready for you".

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