28 April, 2008

Bokashi Part II

Naturally, while I tell you about the wonderful meals I cook occasionally, I rarely provide pictures. But this you do get to see...

Today was open up the Bokashi after two weeks day. Mmmm yum.

Actually it wasn't too gross. It smelt like fermenting something rather than rotting something. And it looked porridgey, oatey, sludgey. It certainly looks as if it will continue to rot down quickly. Apparently you can bury it though not near plants, but I decided to add it to the compost heap which is the alternative. So there it is on top of the nettles I've been cutting back in the garden.

So, provisionally a success. The second bin is back in the utility room for its two-week ferment. Our compost bin doesn't appear to have been visited lately by rodents and our bin is very light and not at all smelly as not much is going into it these days. How smug is that!

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Heather @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Hi Eliane,

It really isn't too bad is it? The main advantage is how the bokashi waste added to your compost heap really