23 April, 2008

Putting the cold frame to use

Today was glorious and warm and sunny. A good laundry day. And a good gardening day that filled me with optimism and possibly foolhardiness. So I moved most (not all) of my tomatoes, squash and courgettes into the cold frame. I did test it out last night with three of Marmande variety and as they survived, I put the rest in. It now looks like this. A veritable forest.

I suppose other people's tomato plants have probably never had central heating and spent their entire lives to date in a greenhouse, so my thinking is that they should all be fine. They better be as I also bought 12 growbags.

The other job of the day was cutting back the nettles. I understand that this is great for compost though I suspect that doesn't mean the roots. More to do tomorrow if the weather is good, as they are everywhere.

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vegmonkey said...

Now that looks fantastic. Most of my plants have been in the cold frame from the start, but the slugs started eating some of the seedlings and i moved them indoors and they have shot up! I need to remember to harden them off before planting out! Looks fab!