31 May, 2008

Bokashi Part III

I need some advice from any Bokashi experts out there. I think things are going very well with the bins but I'm not wholly convinced about Bokashi's ability to deal with meat bones. I just emptied my third load onto the compost and everything is sludgey and smelling of fermenting and then there were some fundamentally untouched bones in the middle. Am I doing it wrong? Is it just not true and you can't put them in? Any advice gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eliane,

If everything is smelling of fermenting, then you are doing the right things.

But fermentation is not composting. The food wastes added to your bokashi bucket may not look much different than when they went in. but their chemical structure has change completely.

It is when your bokashi food waste goes into your compost heap that the real composting begins. Bones do take longer to break down but in my experience, they become soft and pliable after several weeks/months in the compost.

Will they disappear? Eventually. If you want to make that happen faster, the best thing I can suggest is to break the bones into smaller pieces when you put them in your bokashi bucket.

Hope that helps.



Eliane said...

Thank you Al, Very helpful. And I will try breaking the bones up in future.