24 August, 2008


Everywhere. In the garden. In my pants. I do not get prizes for quick reactions. A sharp pain near my ankle. Then my knee. Then my thigh. And only then did I think, oh sod, it's an ant heading north and fast. Got there just in time.

Anyway, what's the general consensus? Are ants a problem? Clearly they are, when in or near my pants, but in the garden? Should I be marching around the garden with a full recently boiled kettle decimating the countless nests that appear to be resident in my patch? What do you think? What harm can they do (apart from to me)?


Anonymous said...

Just don't watch the last Indiana Jones film! I don't think they do much harm in the garden as long as they're not right underneath a favourite plant.

BilboWaggins said...

I'd like to know the answer to the ant question. We have a few ants nests at Bag End and I dare not mention any of the locations to Husband because he'll be outside with a kettle of boiling water before you can blink.

Brigid - if they are under a plant I assume the nest will erode the roots?

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I tend to leave them alone for the most part. If they are nesting in a big way you will find the surrounding plants get a bit leggy and sick but the odd nest here and there doesn't seem to do too much harm.