01 September, 2008

New neighbours on both sides

First a picture of one of our new neighbours.

There are now two mares and their foals in the field next to my garden. I can see them as I write this.

Meanwhile on the other side, the pretty cottage just up the hill has recently changed hands. It was a second home and is still though with local connections. Unfortunately, the local connection (father in tractor with large mower attached) demolished a section of our wall on the lane when turning into their field. Which is one way to meet your neighbours. People regularly used to knock over the wall opposite my last home in Hackney, east London, but no one ever got out, looked, grunted and said "I'll fix that". And I doubt they would have been capable. Father-in-tractor however was completely undaunted and it turns out justifiably so as the wall was reconstructed in a matter of days and looks fine.

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