11 September, 2008


Last night the chickens had to be physically put into their new house. This involved Rob crawling into the run on all fours and catching and lifting them. I'm really sorry but there are no pictures of this. Rob isn't really sorry. Apparently the Light Sussex were timid and compliant and the Black Rocks were whizzing around avoiding him.

Tonight, however, after a day spent popping in and out of their house, they all put themselves to bed. If only my children were such quick studies.

No eggs today. But then technically they were supposed to be point of lay so we're not disappointed. A lot of chicken gazing is still taking place.

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Buddhist in Training said...

Giggles, no need for pics, I have a great imagination! We had the same problem with our youngsters when they first went into the 'grown up' house but they soon got the hang of it.

Oh, wouldn't it be great if the kids did it too?!! I'm with you on that one, I might even mention it to them, that the chickens are only 6 months old and can put themselves to bed. Do you think it will work?