12 September, 2008

Another egg!

Today was frustrating. Every time I was about to do something, something else would get in the way. Often a lovely something else like a phone call from an old friend I hadn't heard from for a while, but still, I was planning on cleaning out the chickens a bit and I didn't get round to it. When I did head out there, one of the Light Sussexes was trying to get comfortable in a nesting box, so I thought I'd leave her to it. And then when I wanted to get on with it, it was raining, so all I could do was chat to them and take the egg, which wasn't in the nesting box, but on the floor being looked at by all of the chickens. No idea who laid it. I'm guessing by its pale colour that it's a Light Sussex.

Tomorrow's job is therefore to clean out the hen house. I shall try to be more assertive with the hens. I can do assertive (if not bossy) with people as many friends will tell you, but not so good with chickens.

Other things that are or should be happening this weekend: painting of new window frames for our house, delivery of first trailer load of wood for the winter, digging over of patch where potatoes were, and lawn will be next summer, picking of last of tomatoes whatever colour and processing (i.e. making lots of green tomato chutney). Oh and the girls are going to a party - very very excited about it. They are that is. Actually Tom and I are quite excited but that's at the prospect of just under 2 hours without either of them during the day. Sadly I think this will be spent painting or digging or cleaning out the chicken house rather than the way we used to spend Saturday afternoons before we had kids.

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