14 September, 2008

A good weekend

The last two days have been a bit like the summer we never had. Warm and sunny for the whole day rather than the odd minute. I could forget about the washing.

And so we got quite a lot done. Yesterday and today, I've been digging over the old potato patch to make a lawn or at least a grassy area at the top of the west-facing part of the garden where we can sit.

Here's Tom finishing off, and we've already sown it with grass seed. I'm not expecting croquet lawn in Oxbridge college standard, but something we can sit on without getting stung or pricked on the bottom would be good.

Meanwhile the chickens have settled in well, are putting themselves to bed each night, and one of them (I was right, it was a Light Sussex) is laying an egg a day. Today she announced it loudly to the world, and this time the world (or Emilia and I) were listening. I'm not sure this is an evolutionarily sensible strategy - marching about crowing "hey I laid an egg, do you hear, I laid an egg" - but it is clearly helpful to me. The egg was lovely and warm when we found it.

Today was also the day we let the hens out of their run to poke about a bit. They didn't do a runner. In fact they generally stayed around their house, though some did head up past the other barn to the gate. The girls had a lovely time talking and playing with them.

They also enjoyed gathering slugs and snails for the chickens who were very grateful. And I'm grateful to the chickens having found a good way to despatch the blighters and thus save some veg.

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Buddhist in Training said...

I have always queried the logic of announcing an egg, seems like a very silly idea to me, but you're right it helps me too! I wasn't sure which one of my youngsters was laying until I witnessed the announcement yesterday.